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Máni Orrason Shares New Single ‘Picture I Recall’. “Repent. Join Him In His Quest.” (Video)

Máni Orrason is a 20 year old Icelander, who brings multi-insrumental axioms layered in the fists of a worldly mentality, drizzled in experiences that only he could manipulate for our senses.

It’s funny how falling in love can change your point of view. Máni is keen to point these slight-of-hand exercises dealt by the powers that be in general purpose for life. For it is what it is in the surface, but as Máni would attest, there’s much more digging that could and should be done to investigate such impulses.

In ‘Picture I Recall’ his incantations come out of the caves of dark onyx to play and delight. Máni’s contradicting vocal habitations drape over your senses like a satin curtain, in red, and in the darkness – preaching the better on the other side. You look, but the reverberations are too thick – like fog – to look through clearly. Then suddenly, as it had appeared, the light shines upon your heart, and rightly so, denounces your factual based logic into a crumbling and babbling maniac.

The captivating artist and performer will delight far into the future. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Raise your hands, up high into the known sky.

Máni will be your salvation.

Repent. Join him in his quest.

Look out for his upcoming EP, soon.



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