Manjaro ‘Slightly’ : It touches, with delicate shimmers.


It’s supposed to be this way. Groovy, succulent, indulging in the most hedonistic metrics of your mind – for love, for you. It’s all about that milky cosmos, passing by your battle for the one. The one whom makes you complete even if that possibility is out of reach. Out of hand. Out of your pay-grade.

A beautifully done, guitar driven amble of majestic grandeur comes off of ‘Slightly’. A lyrically fulfilling delight, the song demonstrates all of the angles of angsty love visions and melancholic fantasies that we all can, one time or another, entertain.

Germany based Manjaro, rivets our senses with this gorgeous offering, as it gave us reasons to seek out love, for the sake of love – once again. Even if it’s within our personal hearts and personal fantasies.

Jake, Henry, Fabian and Christian helm this lovely project. It touches, with delicate shimmers.


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