Manlike Mammoth ‘The Moth’ : Kicks with ample riot and visceral power chords.

Manlike Mammoth

”It has to be fun. It has to make you smile, make you dance, make you forget and make you remember…..and it’s going to be a duo,” said Manlike Mammoth. “Put some stoner rock in it. And disco. And pop. Stonerdiscopop.”

Hailing from Finland with mustache covered in snow, their debut EP and music video came out in November 2018. Near or far, doesn’t matter. Hopefully there is someone listening. Smiling, dancing, forgetting and remembering……having fun.

‘The Moth’ brings that gritty rock of the Foo Fighter generation right down to the current demand. An aggressive rock, of chill and confidence, Manlike Mammoth kicks with ample riot and visceral power chords.


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