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Mansa // Fountain Child // Stray Light // Mellowdine // ROMBE4T

Mansa – Mina bake

MANSA is a 25 year old DJ/Producer from the fab city of Stockholm. Dropping rhythms and vibes with tinges of tropical and experimental house feelz, the artist dropped his 2nd Ep ‘Solitude’. West African sounds blend seamlessly with, at times, military demands and precisions in dexterity. Hooks abound as the electronic synths and drums take you on a delightful journey that is of another continent; another mindset. ‘Mina Bake’ tells the story of love with tantric loops and drum/bass structures as high as the snow capped mountain of your heart. MANSA explores the current with seismic undercurrents of deprivations in normality, that likens itself to the brevity. Sights and sounds are interpreted as the listener engages. Knowledge and remembrance is guided by the uplifting harmonies.

Fountain Child – This Story Is No Longer Available

Based out of Shanghai, China, FOUNTAIN CHILD’s enigmatic curtailment of the senses, are there for one purpose and one purpose only: to help expose the daily, into the cleansing sun of viability. It is you who deem this world profitable for your soul. It is you who determine your worth. It is you who keeps that worth at the acceptable level. It is you who decide whether that worth mean anything. No matter what the world outside says, your mind, your heart are engaged with the accounting monetization of your own convictions. The Birmingham, UK originating artist has created his music under Inside Out Boy. Nd the independent constructor of this future bass single ‘This Story Is No Longer Available’, he adapts to his environment, and its people. The work brings together the vibe of nature and heightens the cause with soundscapes that tap the well of self-being close and closer for examination. Dance? You shall.

Stray Light – Before Another Autumn

Something sumptuous has landed. STRAY LIGHT, the project of producer/DJ John-Paul Denton, decadently explain the sights and sounds of a waterfall of emotions, understated, and very much all of us. Indie-pop and EDM, come to occupy this particular stance of aura within this song. With a turn of one or two notes, it can be categorized on either side of the genres. However, it lives in a nether-world between, and it significantly grows and evolves into it’s own certain vision. The glamor and the shimmer, gorgeously caress your shoulders, and it heaves a big and deep kiss of the naughty. The addition of the vocals add the penetrating narrative into hyper-drive, as you want him. You want her. You want yourself, to be different. A coming-of-age song of sorts, it delicately brings 90’s electro-pop with the unmistakably deliberate and thought provoking resistance of the now. Bold keys, and bold beats delight every cell and it quickly becomes a keeper. Looking forward to more from J-P.

Mellowdine – Memory

London based producer MELLOWDINE. Cinematic, ethereal, seductive, mysterious – like the best in a mystery-thriller, ‘Memory’ opens up with the grand and explodes into a incomprehensibly emotive salvo. And as it traverses in deeper into the song, your multi-colored pathway changes and morphs with decadent asterisks of light and dark, remembering the cause and effects of a by-gone era – selectively strident with amber colored aggressions. The mellow and thorough single demeans nothing to an afterthought, while it holds your sensibilities into a stark but invigorating rapture of notes. Following his debut single ‘Urban Escape’, ‘Memory’ never concludes to the whims of the world, but it works hard to open up passages of positivity and indulgence, both mental and virtual. Your blood emboldens with vigor, as the day looks a bit different after listening. Nothing seems to be in your way towards your dreams.


Feel good house music is what ROMBE4T is all about. Immersive vocals and beats take down the stresses of life to a better manageable level. The light and airy beats keep ‘Falling’ living at the top of your rotation, as you can’t help but feel a bit more alive. Said ROMBE4T: “This release is special to me. I always dreamed of a release on the legendary Amsterdam based record labels; Urban Sound of Amsterdam, run by DJ Rob Boskamp. This guy has always been a role model to me and rules the dance scene in Amsterdam. Besides that I know he’s into funky house music so I send him this demo. The rest is history!” Making his music since the late 90’s, the producer/DJ’s set musical goals, on a personal level, has not changed. Dance, smiles, joy – a sprinkle of happiness that which he’s dedicated to spread to his listeners. Kudos indeed. Look for 10 new singles releases in 2019.


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