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Mantaray Shares ‘Outside Me’. “Readiness to tackle the Universe.”

From their beautiful shoegaze inspired dream/ambience-pop upcoming album ‘In Everything’, comes the single ‘Outside Me’.

“‘Outside Me’ is the first single from our upcoming album,”said MANTARAY, “and it’s a quite static song with a darker feel than our previous releases. However feel good and confident about the release, because this is sincerely what Mantaray sounds like right now.”

That sound permeates the album and at corners of ‘Outside Me’. The viciously poignant and cosmic mix of guitar picks and chord renditions, drape with silken intentions and delightful readiness to tackle the Universe.

MANTARAY is based out of Jyväskylä, Finland, and the indie band has been pushing their works to new heights ever since their official self titled EP in 2014. Subsequent releases includes: 2 full length albums ‘Atlantic’ (2016) and ‘No More Sirens’ (2018), with a third album called ‘In Everything’, released in early 2020.

The band is quite a sight for your listening pleasure.

The band consists of members: Jaakko Mäkeläinen, Jonne Luoma, Iida Pekkarinen, Oula Maaranen, Jiri Hyvönen, and Miika Luoma.



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