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MANTELL Shares ‘Lulu’. “Expansive. Emotive. Delightful.”

From the suburbs of Melbourne, comes this interesting bedroom-dream-pop band named MANTELL. And in their single ‘Lulu’, the band’s unique take on what it is to exist in this time portal, of human civilization, in relation to the individual circumstances. It’s a big and expansive exploration, from a song recorded in a bedroom, but not so far fetched.

‘Lulu’ had been release early July of 2018, but in anticipation of their upcoming EP ‘thirty two’ (October 5th), it’s a good reminder of what can happen in a studio and in taking advantage of the waves of talent coming from the quartet.

The band consists of: Sam Reader, Brayden Filippone, Quintin Tuan, Connor Tuan.

The jangling guitars, the continental vocals, the clear communicative emotions, brings the ingredients together perfectly within this harmonious (and harmonic) single to the fore.

If the rest of the new EP demonstrates the same kind of continuity, there really isn’t anything the gang won’t be able to achieve.

This single is a delight.



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