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Manuela Iwansson Share Rockin’ Single ‘Dream Lover’. It’s Like That Time. You Know What We Mean.

What we mean, when we say that ‘You know what we mean’ is that you have that memory, tucked inside of the thing that you call ‘brain’ that just recalls such bliss, and such exotic happiness. And that memory is, probably to do with a current and/or former lover. And as you can see where we’re going with this is that, you and the significant other had things done to each other that only you two would know and keep a secret. We (most) all do.

Upcoming EP ‘Dream Lover’ drops June 15.

It’s exciting sometime to think about that.

Oh, the rest of the relationship might have been sh*t but hey, that thing that you did together was, for a moment, heaven.

Don’t be ashamed.

Don’t deny.

Accept for what it is, and smirk.

Oh yea.

Manuela Iwansson’s debut EP ‘Dream Lover’ comes at us with some grit, and some attitude. We like-y. It’s her first solo effort and seems to be headed in the right direction.




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