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MAPS OF Shares Single ‘Lost’. It’s That Trepidation, Born Out Of That Excitement.

‘Lost’ by MAPS OF (Nick Perlman, Andy Porta, Seth Nicholson) is a frittering green leaf, in the throws of the end of that magnificent summer season. The last remnants of that shortly forgotten realm of brilliant sun rays, and never ending optimism. The leaf had its glorious time in the vacuum of participation and grace. But now… now it is time for it to contribute, in a different way.

It’s about that transition.

It’s about that inner gut, nervousness, we all feel about something in our live – from time to time.

It’s an excitement.

No. It’s that trepidation, born out of that excitement.

And that leaf – your leaf – can’t wait to see the next chapter.

‘Lost’ isn’t lost. Being lost, means you’ll be found.

You will soon find yourself.

Let’s keep it up.

MAPS OF will drop a new LP called ‘Maps Of An Invisible City’, a 7 song journey, on July 7th.



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