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Marathon Shares ‘Checking Out’. “Finally Able To Touch, Feel, Usurp, Taste”.

The intro is reminiscent of the 80’s hair bands we all love – directly or indirectly in our memories. It’s not purely ‘jangly’. It’s more than that. It brings the guitar work, as fascinating as Dire Straits, or White Lion.

Stretching it? Not really.

The actual circumstances in which the guys in MARATHON decided to go with this kind of feel and atmosphere is unknown of course. But speculations can be made where the band mates did make it so, to contrast the folk feel of the lyrics and puree the vocal works that is so distinct in this number.

There are, in effect, TWO different DANCERS in this song: the guitar and the vocals. The intertwining and interaction between them are, on the surface, very much arms-length apart. However, just like a long distance relationship between lovers, the actual distance doesn’t really matter. Making love, is a virtual experience in that sense – but to a degree as satisfactory as the real thing.

Then the DAM breaks.

In the last parts of this single ‘Checking OUt’, confusion ensues – questions arise – zombie like absence of mind percolates.

Then sort of a resolution rises from the ashes.

The TWO DANCERS, alas, colliding in a soup of passions, finally able to touch, feel, usurp, taste – collapsing in a heated heap.

Just parts do remind us of DS or WL. But the mere fact that you get to think deeper into a song, is a joy in itself. Don’t you agree?


Anywho, we at CHF are weird like that. Unlike this cool-ass song by MARATHON.

Dig it.



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