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Marble Mammoth Shares ‘Crack Baby Panic Attack’. “That heart attack you haven’t had yet.”

Stockholm based, face ripping, riff-curdling, indie hard-rock band MARBLE MAMMOTH is something else. With other worldly exorcisms of vocals, layered in unfathomable attitude, the band’s single ‘Crack Baby Panic Attack’ sends the right message. And in our book (our CHF book) we think it’s a hum-dinger of a single that probably can save your soul.

From what we don’t know, but it’s just like that mind-bending good sex you’d had with your ex. It’s just like looking down from the airplane, ready to be thrown out of it to parachute. It’s just like that time when, in a dream, you shouted at the falling outer planet, blocking out the sky, colliding with the Earth, as everything around you disintegrated.

The quartet is hard in their songs, but in an odd (but surprising way) they know how to keep a soft touch to their tank track attacks.

Thoughts of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, all wrapped up in this crusty, tasty, leather jacket wheedling, kick-ass attitude of MARBLE MAMMOTH is scrumptious to listen to.


Oh, and by the by, ‘Crack Baby Panic Attack’ is that heart attack you haven’t had yet.

Just sayin’

Fun ain’t it??



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