Marcelo Demarco ‘Chaos Device (Original Mix)’ : Pushes the edges. Surrounds in techno goodness.

Marcelo Demarco

Dj, Producer and Founder of South American techno and tech House label SURO records. Marcelo Demarco was born in Uruguay where he developed his unique style, an exotic mix of ethnical rhythms and electronic sounds, all spiced up with deep flavors and always served on a techno base.

His productions range from the darkest to the grooviest side of the underground, using hypnotic bass lines and effected elements he gained support from many artists like Cevin Fisher, Hector Couto, Paco Osuna, Disclosure to name a few. Marcelo has been remixed by Alex Arnout, El Mundo & Satori, Cosmic Boys, DoC and Brisboys attracting positive interest from international music press and radio.

Marcelo has been passionately mixing and creating music since 1996 including thousands of appearances around the world.


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