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Marco tha Gr8 // Sans Parade // Distant Tide // Brad Sample // Minty FM

Marco tha Gr8 – Lady

MARCO THA GR8 is an avant-garde project. Is it? He won’t tell us. But we have clues through his music, though. With apathetic vocal attentions, the natural invitations of the oddly put-out, comes to fruition in ‘Lady’. It’s the way it is. It shall be done. As the project of Marco Iwabuchi, the irrepressible semblance of the artist is out there on the sleeves of each and every single that he produces, with diabolical nuance and interoperability with our emotions. It’s odd. It’s there, and existing. It’s that cobra in the corner of your mind, where you just don’t know what to do with. Whether you’d want to approach and pay the consequences. Or take those fateful steps backwards, as your ability to own that property, no longer will exist. Be brave. Sink your teeth into ‘Lady’. It’ll certainly bite you back, and it was the right choice.

Sans Parade – Patience

SANS PARADE’s ‘Patience’ presents an interesting premise. Begotten fate, driven to crushed dreams on that floor of life – will it revive? Will that resurge back to what it was? Will that heart of hearts, impinge with vigor and tactile exuberance, once again? Will she love again? ‘Patience’ is decadent. The edges of the song shimmers with dictatorial marches of the drums, never shedding its innocence, but never admitting its place in the world, either. Synth, dances as the best traditions of bands like Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and Erasure cometh with modern aesthetics that is tantalizingly alluring and faithful. Thought provoking and insightful, the pages of SANS PARADE is deep as the oceans, blue and tumultuous. It is a chant into a lighter being, a philosophical anthem for all to hear and absorb.

Distant Tide – Falling

Gothic in presentation, this guitar driven indie-rock offering, rescues without hesitation, the befallen and the betrayed from non-existence. The brooding outcrops of Daniel Griffith’s vocals, encapsulate with the opportunity to rip apart the membrane of what toils inside. The first single offering from Daniel’s debut EP ‘Distant Tide’, his song making capabilities transform in shine and shades through the length of the song, as tinges of psyche contaminate and enhances. Love is hard. Falling in and out of love is hard. That membrane for what toils, remains intact, in self imagination until it’s time to confess. ‘Falling’ is a delightful interpretation of what befalls many of us. It’s Daniel’s way of expression. It is an anthem to be saved for when that time comes of emotional reckoning.

Brad Sample – Something About Whiskey

BRAD SAMPLE’s single ‘Something About Whiskey’ is exactly what it seems to be. The broken bones and bruised thoughts, are neatly saved for that rainy day. And they come a-floating by on that day of all days. The blues based country-rock single is a gentle consolation for how it can be difficult for the lives that we lead. Regrets and what it could have been, is triggered by the memories of a scent. Her scent in a bottle of whiskey, is a daring but understandable acclimation to a mental state of vulnerability, both prevalent and uncontrollable. Yes. We think of the special other, even if we’d broken off a long time ago. We reminisce in micro-seconds, giving heed to a memory of a memory, that can’t be salvaged. But we keep on reminiscing. Thinking of the days of happiness that has faded to just a frame work of vibes. Brad’s vocals is the anchor of his music, which just simply drives the honesty of his lyrics to heights. Off of the newly released album ‘Rhinestones and Broken Bones’, ‘Something About Whiskey’ is that sentimentality we cannot ignore. We should embrace it like Brad does, for sure.

Minty FM – Enjoying the View

Yep. That jangly guitar got us. MINTY FM makes life that way. Off of his newest EP ‘Living Room Tapes’, we listened and became anesthetized with happiness. The Montreal Canada based singer/songwriter and producer, keeps it simple and real. “Are you happy now?” he says on this track, and we say it’s a calming kind of happiness, dreary mixed with brooding, sipped up by the straws of angst. It’s a peculiar kind of happiness, to be sure. Loic Minty is his name and under his project MINTY FM, he stated: “A lot of things are crammed in these recordings. One of my friends took his life last year and another one of my friends had cancer, this was heavy stuff to manage and it really took a toll on me but I feel like I’ve come out of it with new positive perspectives regarding the volatility of life and the growing presence of anxiety in the lives of many people I know. Let’s face it, these are difficult times for mental health in general and I just hope my little vessel of compassion; “Living Room Tapes” can comfort some.” Mission accomplished, Loic.


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