Marcus Arch ‘Enough’ : Beautiful by the source of the heart’s desires. Is that you?

Marcus Arch

Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience. Thoughtful lyrical compositions and reflections delivered in punchy pop-choruses reflects the analogue/digital crossover that is the basis of Marcus Arch.

This is a collaboration with Latvian producer, Don Bjorn. ‘Enough’ is a song that incorporates a mixture of driving synth-pop and rock, culminating in a rich harmonic experience, providing the perfect platform for the expression of the mood and lyrics. It’s also a song that captures the unsettling emotions and experiences that keep us awake at night and asking a question each one of us has faced and will continue to face throughout our lives: “Am I enough for the people that claim to love me the most?”

And within the edges of the sound, there lies a resolute uneasiness, un-propelled and unresolved. Much like life’s givings, much of it is open ended and the interpretation is only deemed beautiful by the source of the heart’s desires.

Is that you?

Abrahm Gunn, Clarabell Liu and Welldy Limonta are together, Marcus Arch.


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