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Marek Kubala Shares ‘Fault Lines’. “Joyous take. Marek’s way of making you happy.”

MAREK KUBALA follows up his debut EP ‘Awhile’ from 2018, with his latest single ‘Fault Lines’. And with ever-lasting energy and enthusiasm, the singer/songwriter from the UK makes it a point to make the listener happy with joy.

A slight deviation and progress from his EP, Marek’s intentions with ‘Fault Lines’ lie in the best traditions of The B-52’s, and chords that ring true of punk that gets you going and never let’s you sit down again. The contrast between the guitar and Marek’s cool and collected dream-pop vocals, gives that ‘giddy-up’ that a song like this attends to.

A venerable example in two world colliding, the absence of what is sensible and reasonable, are replaced, wholly, and desirably, by the essence in curative exaltation and musical delight.

Dare you NOT to bop your head when listening to this song.

You just won’t be able to resist.

‘Fault Lines’ is co-produced with Jack Ellister (Fruits de Mer / You are the Cosmos).

Also, for even more fun, MAREK included a club remix of ‘Fault Lines’ by London electro-indie outfit NAIVES. It’s dang good, yo.

Looking forward to more from Marek’s unique take in the months to come.



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