Marek Kubala ‘Hollow Raft’ : A chance to do at your will… Will you?

Marek Kubala

Drifting from edge of the river to the other, tilting towards possibilities, with little to show; your soaked ambitions, digressed and distracted. Starting from the beginning, a lifetime in the future, your confusion for success, kills and drives your ever living hope.

“‘Hollow Raft’ is about renewing a passion from many years ago which you stopped doing at some point… maybe you had other priorities in life or it wasn’t fun anymore… but rediscovering it and being excited again. I think it happens to a lot of us. I used the form of a metaphor of riding on a raft on a dangerous rapid river, which is reflected in the lyrics and music. The first section is the excitement of being on the river and moving forward. Then something goes wrong, you fall into the river and all seems lost. Finally you manage to get back on the raft and continue the ride and all is good again… if not better.”

Hope is all that you can have, at the end of the day. Float and ride down the river; don’t fall and drown, for you only have this one take. A take that you’d warranted by the forces of nature. A gift that is hard and challenging. But never the less, a chance to do at your will.

Will you?

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New song out this Friday (7 February) #hollowraft

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