Maren Hill ‘Guilty Love’ : It’s a time to love, even in its imperfections. No matter what.

Maren Hill

‘Guilty Love’ by Maren Hill, delights with whimsy and tongue-in-cheek winking charms. The r&b framed pop single deprives you of the world around, for just a moment, to get you smiling amid shortage of such a small but understated pleasure. Running from those vibes of emotions, the song plays like with the strings in the lyrical attitude, dancing with the tone of Maren’s curt and strong pop vocal suggestions.

When regular life, including relationships, are injected into a course of seeking that ambition in career, it’s a torturing tear of challenges that most of us go through. Maren speaks in her confidence, and within this single, it tries to suggest that it’s an integral part of growing up, no matter what.

It’s a time to smile.

It’s a time to embrace.

It’s a time to love, even in its imperfections.

No matter what.

Look for Maren’s new music video soon.

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My first single of many to come, “Reset”, is officially out on all platforms. In the guise of a relationship, this song is about breaking out of the toxic dialogues, habits, and cycles we form with our own minds as the enemy. It's about naming the voice in your head and telling it to be quiet, learning to say no and separate yourself from its weight and negativity. Spotify users, the stream link is in my bio: I have a new profile set up, so give it a follow and, as always, sharing and playlist adding are the greatest means of support so that I can continue to put out more music! Massive credit is to be owed to @cooperleith for bringing this song to life and always carrying my visions, no matter how wacky. Credit also to the brilliant @beckermastering for mastering! Thank you all for listening and joining me on this journey. Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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