Margaret Doll Rod’s Heartthrob Chassis – Love On The Run

Heartthrob Chassis’ Love On The Run is presented to you by the 70’s and powered by the hidden biker-gang v-twin engine that is hidden in a leather jacket.

Like many of Burger Records’ represented bands, MDRHC is an unforgettable musical enhancement. Whether it be for their mix of California-sun-torn guitar work, or the amplified “I hit you, what you gonna do” attitude, the group’s output is an experience. From reading reviews of their live shows, their fans say the same as well.

Just like how we love Meow Twins (who we featured in our Instagram account), MDRHC is the same for us. It’s a welcomed distraction to the current course of ‘perfectly-produced’ music, and gives us all another angle to approach what music entertainment could be.

Certainly MDRHC isn’t a pioneer in this, but we sure appreciate them continuing the discussion.

We like them, so you should give them a try too.



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