Margeaux Sippell ‘Just Friends’ : Fragile animals, looking for some guidance, friendship, and understanding.

Margeaux Sippell

“‘Just Friends” is about the ubiquitous experience of having feelings for a friend and being afraid to tell them,” said Margeaux. “I wrote it a few years ago, and it’s more true now than ever – a tale of missed connections, bad timing, and longing for someone you can never have.”

A modern artist, whom dips her songwriting vibes deep into the 60’s waves that include Joni Mitchell and Laurel Canyon. Margeaux’s on a mission to satisfy.

Her unassuming aggression and rate of heavy thoughts, cement over the undulations of life’s revelries. To thwart away the misgivings and the darkness, Margeaux’s own prescription for panacea, in return, delivers songs that are poignant, relevant, and oh so decadent.

Margeaux’s songwriting is of her life – of our lives – of the small, and of the large; all of it help consume the very essence of what we are.

And what we are sometimes are just fragile animals, looking for some guidance, friendship, and understanding. And most of all, maybe a little bit of love.

Margeaux’s writing journey, is on a roll.

To our listening benefit.


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