margø ‘Solo’ : “Shedding negative relationships in order to embrace your self worth.”

‘Solo’ is a song about finding strength in your independence. This song is about refusing to conform to someone else’s expectations of you, and finding a way back to who you truly are. ‘Solo’ is about shedding negative relationships in order to embrace your self worth.

Taking her passion for rock and all its forms, she seamlessly brings both emphatic pop attitudes with the unapologetic edge into her works. Lyrically, defiant and descriptively intelligent, the songstress doesn’t take any crap – especially her former loves.

Canadian born margø (Cassidy Margolis) has always been captivated by music and its ability to provide a common ground for people of all backgrounds. From an early age, she had always wanted to create honest music with the intention of empowering those who listen to her words. This shines through in her work – songs filled with themes of self worth, fearlessness and power. margø has always rooted for the underdog – and she’s here to create a soundtrack for those who are finding their voice.

Grunting but heavenly; mystical and resolute: the thump of ‘Solo’ is the strength you’d wanted to express, but couldn’t all this time. With grating and industrial guitar extravagance, margø starts off the album with pop sensitivity and grandeur.

Let’s be stronger tomorrow, than we are today.

Her EP of the same title is out now.


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