Margot and the Toothless Hags ‘Hercules’ : Like a breath of fresh air.

Margot and the Toothless Hags

Exciting. Exhilarating. Coming of age, goodness. Margot and the Toothless Hags’ single ‘Hercules’ is a drive towards something better, in healing anthems.

“The subject of mental health is something near to my heart and something that I’ve also battled,” said This song was born in a time when I was living with depression and found an escape on my Hercules bicycle. I would often bike for hours at a time, listening to some of my favorite punk bands or folk songs. I didn’t want to tell my story through this song but give a soundscape and an overall idea of that experience.”

Off of the latest ‘Sides’, the ‘let’s go’ attitude of acceptance, wills you go forth with enthusiasm. The promise of the possible, in everyday, woven into the fabric of the scarred soul, making it stronger and healthier.

Like a breath of fresh air, ‘Hercules’ is a that one thing that makes you living the best you can.

One day at a time.


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