Margot Polo ‘This Old Thing’ : Un-contestable love in song, is gorgeous in all of its expressions.

Margot Polo

Southern California-based Margot Polo is the solo project of David Provenzano (Sherwood/Fialta).

“I reconnect with my indie and emo roots, back when I played in Bay Area bands in the early 2000s,” said David. “The lyrics are about resurrection, trying on the verge of loss to save something precious: a relationship, a dream, or faith. “This Old Thing” is a nostalgic, emotive indie ballad with lush vocals, minimalist instrumentation, ambient electric guitar, and piano. For fans of Death Cab for Cutie, The Album Leaf, SYML, and American Football.

“I’ve shied away from being more earnest. Recently though, I’ve been feeling this hunger to be more genuine and open, and to reconnect with the emotional side of writing. Songwriting is a totally different experience when it’s just me and my guitar. I forgot what it was like to try to make a song sound gentle and beautiful, express a distilled feeling, and connect with a listener that way.”

Tripping on a line of delight and beauty, Margot Polo is a project that shine through and through.

David’s un-contestable love in song, is gorgeous in all of its expressions.


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