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MARGOT Shares ‘Tired’. “After The Park, And Some Small Talk…”

Looking down at the rolodex on the desk, she knew it wasn’t a modern office. Things looked a bit off. A physical calendar here, a bronze head molding on the book shelf – not very inviting. But something was keeping her here and the interest in staying was a bit stronger than she expected.

The daylight came through the old and tall windows of the office. It was pretty in a way. Some birds flew across the sunlight and she smiled a bit.

She had met him in the park. He was walking his dog. He told her that the dog’s name was Ruffus. What a name ‘Ruffus’ was. Not very redeeming for the handsome dog, for sure, she’d thought to herself.

After the park, and some small talk, she now was here standing within this room.

He was interested in her, for sure, she knew.

But on the other hand, she realized that she was interested in him too.

A forbidden journey was about to embark on that graceful sunny Spring afternoon.

MARGOT is a band from South London, and with shoegaze guitar work, and melancholic lyrical poise, the band brings together the ‘happy-sadness’ of an ‘ironic’ existence, we all sometimes feel we don’t belong to, but do.



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