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MARIA KELLY: In Her Single ‘July’ She Continues To Educate With An Extraordinary View Of Life.

Dinner was not done yet, and she was a bit hurried in the dreary and rainy evening. As she was chopping the onions by the kitchen window sill, her mind started again to reel back to the moment that seemed to have changed the way she was to be in the future. In that exact moment, her world changed, and it was irreversible. As her knife reached the end of the onion chunk, she automatically reached out and took out one whole onion and halved it with no hesitation. The onion fumes didn’t bother her at all, after all these years. She paused, and examined the sliced and diced onions. They were at her approval, and were neatly dumped into the awaiting shallow pot.

She wiped her forehead, of her strands of hair. The sun was down in the horizon now, and looking out the same kitchen window, she started to weep. But to her surprise, her streams of water from her eyes, were of surprise. She didn’t feel like she wanted to cry at all – but the water from her eyes kept on coming. Soon the crying was uncontrollable, and she’d lost all management of her body.

Plopping down to sit next to the breakfast table, she cried like she’d never cried before.

“I can’t live like this,” she murmured to herself. “I don’t deserve. I need to be free.”

So from that day on, she had changed. For the better.

MARIA KELLY is a beautiful and extraordinarily deep songwriter. Originating from Ireland, her language of communication – her lyrics that depict heavy emotions, love, confusion, and grief subtly bring us the satisfaction of being there with the artists world. MK’s vocals are of angelic brilliance, just like the refreshing sunshine, after a brief shower in the meadows. And the artist shines in her single ‘July’ which embodies all of the essence that makes such music cinematic and emphatic.

‘July’ is a single taken from the upcoming Ep ‘Notes To Self’, which drops November 16th.



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