Marie Dahlstrom ‘A Loveletter – An Improvisation’ : Perfect for those night, when we need some sanity, most.

Debut album drops, April 2020.

Marie Dahlstrom

The voice you are listening to right now is of Marie Dahlstrom. And that classic r&b/soul pop vocals will keep on melting your inhibitions. And in that way, it’s a resounding success of jazzy visions, twinkling with control and vibrance, that you fall in love at an instant.

She’ll drop her debut album on April 2020.

‘A Loveletter – An Improvisation’ sets the tone perfectly for what to expect from Dahlstrøm’s new material. Her raw, impassioned vocal moves effortlessly around a soothing piano chord progression.

Marie (1/5th of Her Songs), brings new sensibilities with this solo project. Touching the caress-ability of other decades’ artists like SWV, SADE, Blackstreet, and as well as contemporary vocalists like Diana Krall, and Norah Jones, Marie’s ever driving certitude in vocal assertion, catapults her efforts into new contemporary pop heights.

The soft and empathetic hand of ‘A Loveletter – An Improvisation’ is perfect for those night, when we need some sanity, most.

See Marie next @ Bermondsey Social Club, London on March 5th.


Marie Dahlstrom


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