Marin Patenaude ‘Gone Blind’ : The truth of how a heart feels is written deep into the folds

Marin Patenaude

From her upcoming second album ‘Sight Unseen’ (May 29th), folk singer Marin Patenaude brings natural beauty and gumption to the song universe in ‘Gone Blind’. The latest single takes inspiration from Marin’s diagnosis with pigment dispersion syndrome – an eye condition that causes glaucoma. It’s honest and raw, chaotic and loud. The truth of how a heart feels is written deep into the folds of ‘Gone Blind’ – for all good reasons.

The daughter of musical parents and the younger sister of Juno-award winning Pharis Romero, she was raised on folk and country harmonies. While it was a huge part of her upbringing, Marin didn’t initially look to music as a viable career. From landscaping for the rich to running through the woods with her dog, a backpack, and a surveyors map, scrubbing toilets to training horses, she collected many random and interesting skills and experiences to use as songwriting fodder.

‘Sight Unseen’ was produced at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, mixed by Karl Bareham, and mastered by Jaoa Carvalho. Marin took the reins on production, and enlisted the help of dedicated players she feels very connected to, musically and emotionally. They kept their hearts and the doors open for magical studio surprises, and the finished album reflects that open minded approach to sound.

Marin’s works are beautiful. As always. Love and reflection, shines with dedicated honesty, from start to finish.


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