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Marinero Shares ‘XPachecX’. “Contrary. Individual. Supple. Oh so good.”

‘XPachecX’ is off of the upcoming debut full length album ‘Tropico de Cancer’ by this fab artist named MARINERO.

Jess Sylvester is MARINERO, and the San Francisco native offers song of past experiences in ‘Califas’ as well as ‘Guadalajara and beyond’.

The artist sings with his songs which have bloomed from the majestic swirls and melodic significances, which in habit his sentiments. The songwriter emits pertinence to love and what becomes of one, as the canines of that oh-so beautiful concept digs ever deeper into the unassuming soul.

In bad and good, Jess sings as though ‘love’ is what keeps his and the world’s edges glued together.

Love is that sincere beckoning, no matter the musical language, style, or individual mandate.

It drives us, and Jess wants to tell stories that glances, spurs, manipulates, antagonizes.

But this is MARINERO, after all. And with supple ambience and vibe, he continues to describe through his soft and understanding musical aesthetics.

Contrarian? Maybe. But oh so good.



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