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Marinho // Nuns Honey // The BrightSlide // Glom // Red Wedding

Marinho – Ghost Notes

What a debut by the lovely MARINHO. The Lisbon born indie artist is charm, in its most decadent. With a crinkling of her mouth, and beautiful sentiments displayed by her lyrics, notes and dreams collide to make up something very honest and memorable. “The writing of this song and album coincided with my growing feminist side as I felt inspired by a lot of women that pick up their guitars to do the same,” said Marinho (Filipa Marinho). Lush fragrance of this single ‘Ghost Notes’ is emotionally strident in its wait for the right moments, and time, and telling of the audience of her trying to find the right formative words to express her modern day happiness. MARINHO’s debut album ‘~’ (the mark ’tilde’) drops in 2019.

Nuns Honey – Charlie Best

Tim Goodwin. He’s the perpetrator of this ‘decadence in song’ for our ears to hear. There’s no denying it. Listen. Caress. Embrace. As the notes of ‘Charlie Best’ seeps into the darkest corners of our emotions, then brightening them up as sunshine does the shade, we can’t help but dance. Dancing to his own tune is what Tim has been demonstrating in his work for a long while. The evidence is true. As NUNS HONEY’s debut EP ‘Steep Action’ (April 5th) is about to drop, we wait in glory as ‘Charlie Best’ keeps us more than satisfied with his 60’s rock-pop guitar vibe relieving us of any burden on this long and winding road.

The BrightSlide – Ancestors

Rob Speiser, Sam Prestwich and Melissa Alexander are the arbiters of this project THE BRIGHTSLIDE. The Orem, Utah based trio stated: “This song was inspired by the picture of our lead singer’s ancestor. The lyrics encompass the thoughts of constantly feeling weak and incompetent, and wishing to be as strong and inspiring as ancestors were. It brushes over the idea of falling short of who you want to be and giving in to weaknesses and addictions.” Deep and looking for the best road to expression, ‘Ancestors’ is a beautifully choreographed pop tune that is tuned to move our souls with hymn like lyrical sustenance. Nutritious to the core, moving like the moving leaves of stories past.

Glom – Stuck

We’d stated prior about GLOM: “Fuzzy pop is what GLOM does, and in ‘Tell me Who To Be’, the quartet just knows what to accomplish with sustained evisceration in synth keys (‘Johan’ Crandall), radiating off of the heat of the glowing guitar strums, then filet-ing the lot with psyche-surf rock-ness.” Hasn’t changed a bit since that review, as GLOM just gets to you as the happy-go-lucky vibe of ‘Stuck’ gets literally stuck in your brain. And as the good vibes about melancholic issues, bleed into your fibers, you surrender to that goodness, that understated power of the lyrics, and the ease of affection you feel for their works. ‘Stuck’ is part of their upcoming debut album which drops, July 2019.

Red Wedding – Collin

RED WEDDING’s single ‘Collin’ is the warning you’d succumbed. It’s the alarm and a reminder of what you’d been missing in music, in mind, in heart. Sarah Goldfarb is the vision behind RED WEDDING. She’s daft. She’s creative. She’s understatedly, inspirational. She will swallow you up in her beautifully odd renditions. ‘Collin’ is “based on the film “The Bird With the Chrystal Plumage,” said Sarah, “[it] is about a seemingly innocent woman who is in actuality a ruthless killer. I wanted the instrumentation to have the same dreamy structure of the film, where resolution isn’t really reached until the end and most of the film is fed through a psychedelic filter.” We’d been more than amazed by Sarah’s ability to dissect (not physically) and re-constitute such bespoke render of musical vibes into her song. Within the DIY framing of the song, through all of the harried versions of notes, debilitatingly glaring and exposed site of the underbelly, ‘Collin’ shines – as it does – as it is. It is an acquired taste for many, to be sure – but the contentious flavor is undeniably full and eerily satisfying. Word.


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