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Marinho Shares ‘Window Pain’. “That quivers with ample attitude and emotional aptitude.”

Vibrancy is where MARINHO’s latest single ‘Window Pain’ culminates. It’s the cross walk between salinity and pragmatic, that quivers with ample attitude and emotional aptitude.

Stated Marinho: “‘Window Pain’ came to me while I was reminiscing about my childhood. It’s about how when you’re a kid, you can fall and hurt yourself but all that stays is the fun memory of running around.”

From the finger picking and dynamic lyrics, the song combines into a vat of personal interpositions, radical in expression, but as personally decadent as that one, singular memory that puts a smile on to your face.

The nostalgia that Marinho tells in this single is personable and oh so very accessible.

‘Window Pain’ is the word play on ‘what it would be like to return’ to that glorious past. The song is the window of your dreams; the window that gates you from here to there, the outrageously think but unassailable wall that guards you from that place you most desire. Alas, a futile exercise in longing that prevails in such sonic delight.

But we’re all okay with that. Nature dictates, so.

Marinho’s debut album ‘~’ (read as ’tilde’) drops September 2019.



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