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Marishi Ten Shares Music Video To ‘Enemy Now’. “Needs all of us to embrace and absorb.”

Linda Lou has been doing it her way for a long time. Sparked by her visions, MARISHI TEN was born. And in its construction in embrace, Linda has amplified the resistance to rock and metal, with the gruesomely honest and dynamic talents the project brings to the fore.

Old hat, for the project.

But consistency is one of the hallmarks of MARISHI TEN and Linda, as the journey into the darkness, is never a Disney ride, and surely much more exciting.

Hard-rock/metal bands are far and few between in our CHF coverage. But we love metal all the same. And when things are aligned and fabulous, we dig it and caress it.

‘Enemy Now’ is that thing that needs all of us to embrace and absorb.

The grinding attributions, select palpable radiance in reckoning within the soul of ‘Enemy Now’. And within that context, Linda’s oddly smooth but growling vocals, highlight the colors from the grays, every time. Our insignificance in existence is given a reprieve sorts, so that with the power of the chords and ramming percussions can help us catch our breath in this harsh world.

Linda knows.

And we accept.

Get into MARISHI TEN’s latest.



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