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Marius // Lätta Fötter Blåa Knän // PRINS // ZACHARRIA // Greta Stanley

Marius – IDNTWNTU (feat. Eryn Martin)

We’d stated recently about MARIUS: “The iconic sounds that he delivers in his subtle and virtuous single ‘Wife That’ is keeping in line with the overall body of work that he’d demonstrates to listeners from song to song. From r&b, hiphop, future bass, soul, and house – his works comes together seemingly effortlessly, highlighting the strengths of his elements and thwarting irrelevant side-notes that sometimes plague modern art.” And still, it’s all true. Dig it. Dig Marius.

Lätta Fötter Blåa Knän – 00:45

With a 90’s MTV vibe, ’00:45′ is an amalgamation of art and pop that is, in any language, beautiful to listen to. Starting with Lätta fötter Blåa knän’s vocals, it is a dainty extremity of sensual teases and artistic nuance. The infatuation of love and everything to do with it, hymns with layers of guilt and royalty, when she sings. Then the simplicity of the guitar notes, drive you crazy with jealosy, as you imagine yourself looking at the love of your life passing you by. But all that is just your imagination. For the song of your moment, and of ‘the present’ is here – Lätta fötter Blåa knän’s ’00:45′. Dig it.


New Zealand’s PRINS’ ensemble of vibes in ‘3AM’ is what we all feel, but just don’t know how to express those contrasts in real life. Confusion, and in love, is what we are confused about sometimes. Having lost, or being alive again with the one you lust after, are some of the gratitudes in the lives we live. Being smart and getting out of that love situation would be the right way to go. After all, your guts know what to expect. But, begrudgingly, we don’t act like that, do we? PRINS knows. She warned you though.


Zacharria’s EDM vibin’ single ‘You’ is a decadent bass dripping dessert you’d been looking for. With trap elements, intermingling with the r&b arrangement, Zacharria’s vision for the song is a sanctuary of beautiful rhythms and a call for love, for all. With world-music aesthetics weathering the realities of relationships, all is forgiven, as we all can feel how the future can turn. The horizon is brighter than you think.

Greta Stanley – Follow Suit

“Follow Suit is about wanting to pull away and wanting to feel something more but not knowing how, or when, or where to go,” said GRETA STANLEY. “It’s a song I wrote when I was questioning my reasons for continuing to do things I didn’t want to do, and a lot of my friends were too. Because we were afraid of change and the unknown. It’s about how quickly your mind can change – to being sure and moving forward, to feeling like time is slipping and you’re stuck still – full of uncertainty.” Off of her latest EP ‘Sun In My Eyes’, the delicious vocals of Greta marks a milestone in the ever evolving ways of telling the story of love. Emotions of want and necessity, collide in ‘Follow Suit’ as a fork in the road of life, casts a question of honor and strength.


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