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Marius – Lucky (feat. G.L.A.M. & KWE$T)

“‘Lucky’ is definitely a song that defines my time in Los Angeles,” said MARIUS. “Being from Norway, and coming out to LA to hang with my managers and work on music with all these cool producers and writers. I just felt really lucky in that moment.” Capturing the essence of a thought and a direction for a song is hard. But it always seems utterly easy for the artist MARIUS. The producer working close in ‘Lucky’ with G.L.A.M. and KWE$T, this butt-kicking and tasty single, relates with shimmer, as it hits edges of ol’ school r&b sensibilities and mixing it up with modern, minimalism decadence. Streaming of his hits like crazy? Check. Drooling by outlets like Pitchfork, Earmilk, and now CHF? Check. Chill and radical major label debut with Casablanca? Double check. Get in this, son. MARIUS hits it.

shea – Real Ones

Yes. Rap for sure. Chill for sure. But it cross into the pop world with ease. It’s the production of it all, and SHEA‘s vocal presentations that is such a kill in this single. The diabolical usage of autotune, when done right, is accustomed to the righteous, as we delve into the deep. With a chance of no escape, we dive deeper and deeper, closing our eyes, and opening our hearts. Senses focus, as the production by Shea and crew, makes the real, reality. Listen.

K TUCK – Larry Bird Pt. 2

This is the remix of “Larry Bird”. Instantly recognizable, and diggable, the single in its full glory is intimidation of the highest order, with backtracks ramming, with KT denouncing the demons with his flow. The slow drizzle, hits the nostalgic sentiments, grounding it with pillars of truth and lyrics that hit at the core of everything. Be well, but get ready – for K TUCK knows what time it is, as the time to rap comes with costs. Pay his dues, friend, for the time is now for the bigger stage. Life calls.

Jpaulished – Downtown

You girl. My ride. Cruisin’. Being with each other. Classically arranged and constructed, this 90’s aesthetics rap offering ‘Downtown’ is something very special. The Massachusetts based artist is as keen in ambience as hiphop, and when combined together, the analytics score on his singles means of intelligence and thought provoking. From a surface, it’s as seemingly very novel and current with the pop-scene of now. But dig a little deeper, you see the shimmer of rhymes, rhythms, consciousness, and pure demonstration of skillz. There are multiple dimensions to the outputs. It’s worth all your time to find out more about Jpaulished.

Jaeo Draftpick – Beef & Broc

2019. First of. JaeO Draftpick brings ‘Beef & Broc’. Trap. Slap. Hard. Single. He’s got you covered like the sun does the Earth, and there’s nothing like a JaeO party. ‘Beef & Broc’ is another fabulous series of singles that are multi-layered, dripped in that freakin’ hook, that keeps you up at night. Because you’re joyous of the chrorus. You’d never thought a rap flow can keep you up and thinking like you’re missing something in this life of yours. Nope. You’re here. You have Jaeo Draftpick to surge across your bow, with the work of a superhero. Performance, heat, energy, big – it’s not the same without JaeO. For realz.


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