Mark Diamond Shares ‘Road’. “Visions of California, being in love, and driving into that golden sunset.”

Seattle’s own singer/songwriter delivers a sultry single in ‘Road’. The single is a deliberate taunt and a rasping pop tune, never short of the singular call for love, and its profound promises. The vocal driven vigor of the ballad, touches the synth enamor of the current age, with an aesthetic, deliciously minimal.

“‘Road’ was one that just needed to come out. The day before it was written, we decided to call it an early night at the studio and left 11pm. I tried to go meet up with friends but was having a hard time switching back to “reality” after spending so much time in the studio,” Mark opined on his single. “I went into the studio the next day slightly on edge, so I laid on the ground behind the board and wrote this song. Immediately I felt better — like I had just explained to myself that this is my life now. I needed to realize that it was my choice, and it’s absolutely beautiful to live this way. Hope is important to me these days. I think the world could always use more of it.”


The 25 year old has the seminal looks of a young Tom Petty, and the writing skills that emanate warmth and empathy, deserving of its lyrical structure. Fans who listen will waft over to visions of California, being in love, and driving into that golden sunset.

“I have never had more fun making music in my entire life,” added Mark. “Music should make people feel good more than it makes them feel bad. Not necessarily ‘happy’ songs, but songs that make you feel better about life than when you started listening to it.”




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