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Mark Erelli Shares ‘Her Town Now’. “Whatever and however your day has gone.”

Simple and sophisticated story telling is what MARK ERELLI’s single ‘Her Town Now’ evokes. In the best traditions of story teller singer/songwriters (Tom Petty, etc), Mark’s irreverently cogent vocals, delectably play off of the vision for what our lives could be.

The bright and airy atmosphere of ‘Her Town Now’ is a coming-of-age cheerleading folk-rock goodness that just keeps with you, whatever and however your day has gone.

Mostly being in the realm of acoustic based songs of love and relationships, ‘Her Town Now’ is a step in to a new footprint of song possibilities, where a more forthright rock presence is obvious and welcomed.

“Looking for what’s next..” is the primary them of ‘Her Town Now’ and it suits it fine, like a nicely tailored suit.

We dig this for the fun and singalong vibe.

It’s a fab single, indeed.



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