Mark Silver ‘Flowers’ : While remembering of the good days.

Mark Silver

Mark Silver is Croatian-born singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK. “‘Flowers’ talks about two different worlds – a guy who wants to be with a girl without any material concerns, and a girl who is in love with the world and all its luxurious charms.”

How will this end up? The percentages are low that it would last, no?

But ‘Flowers’ isn’t a song that sings of just the negativities of love, or a set of. Deception in such infections, could be true. And maybe – just maybe – Mark wants to let us know that things aren’t what they seem, sometimes.

There’s no black and white; or good or bad. And in what individuals want, in a match setting, the efforts don’t pan out as they could have. So, letting go, is the best solution, while remembering of the good days.

Oh.. those good days.


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