Marlin’s Dreaming ‘Alike’ : Charming jangle bedroom-pop fervor and mystical vocal pinnings.

Marlin's Dreaming / Photo: Ryan Helleur

Shine and bright, the expansive effervescence of Marlin’s Dreaming’ ‘Alike’ is an understated punch through charming jangle bedroom-pop fervor and mystical vocal pinnings.

“Alike Is our most zestful single,” said Semisi Maiai. “I wanted to personify two different characters, the bleating high pitched character, and the dark, arrogant character. Both characters are people in my life that… i guess piss me off enough that one day I decided to write about them; or should I say write for them. We wanted a big soaring chorus for this song, so we really layered the vocals in the chorus to make the melody thick. I guess sort of an optimistic, catchy song, but digging deeper, I find that what it’s actually about slightly disturbing.”

Continued, Semisi: “The song is about 2 different parts of a psyche so it made more sense to me to have both characters on the same track. It did cross my mind to do a ‘pt.1, pt. 2’ thing but I felt like the polarity between characters would be more stark as part of the one song. I’ve always loved when songs have a dialogue between two people like in a Johnny Cash song or something. It interested me to try that myself and see if I could create different personas with my voice.”

The band, together with their savvy wit and lyrical interpretations, the band kicks it ever so slightly, confidently and as charmingly, as ever.


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