Marlin’s Dreaming ‘Sink Or Swim’ : Contrast mark our thoughts. In darkness and in light.

Marlin's Dreaming

From their upcoming album ‘Quotidian’, single ‘Sink or Swim’ delivers some mean understated punch through charming jangle bedroom-pop fervor and mystical vocal pinnings.

“It’s a song about detachment, the feeling of struggling to be present and feeling like I was at the whim of something outside of myself,” said frontman Semisi bout the inspiration for the new song. “I wrote it over the last year where I felt like I was going through motions of living without much pre-consideration or afterthought, just simply doing things as they happened.”

The band is Oscar Johns, Hamish Morgan and Semisi Maiai. And together with their savvy wit and lyrical interpretations, the band kicks it ever so slightly, confidently and as charmingly, as ever.

“At its core, ‘Sink or Swim’ speaks to a rather strange period of time for me, but for the music video we wanted to focus on the lighter side, with the guitar drenched melody and bubbling chorus,” said Semisi.



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