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Marlon Chaplin // Gareth Inkster // Benjamin Allen Adams // Herling // The Finger Guns

Marlon Chaplin – Take Me There

Toronto based artist MARLON CHAPLIN takes us on a little drive towards redemption and self-awareness. ‘Take Me There’ is a gorgeous ballad, contained between beautiful strums and harmonies. The warmth of the vocals, make a perfect mate for the world to come. A world where anything can be possible, even in the times of loss and confusion. With bleakness of the horizon, the soul is tenderized by the words spoken. All of the energies in the masses within, render the darkness into confirmed submission. There is hope, after all.

Gareth Inkster – Returns

GARETH INKSTER’s timely vocals easily help us to gain confidence through hard and traumatic times of our lives. When downtrodden and out of sync, we look for a way off of that road to nowhere. Gareth’s songs stand by and are waiting for you to hold on. Hold on to the hope that will someday return you to that peak of your desire. ‘Returns’ continues the beautiful philosophy behind the singer/songwriter’s body of work, with alacrity and emotional dexterity.
Returns is not necessarily a Christmas song, although it feels appropriate for this time of year. All engineering, producing, and performing was done by Gareth Inkster.

Benjamin Allen Adams – Farther

BENJAMIN ALLEN ADAMS’ single ‘Farther’ is beautiful. From its intent, to its execution, the classic guitar mode and aesthetics is wholly becoming and delicious. The ballad is an anthem for loneliness and as BAA calls it ‘escapism’. The fluttering flaps of the butterfly, keeps the soul intact, even after the furious winter storm. Battered and bruised, the ego survives, just enough to seek out better results in the next day. The heart cries, gently, and in confident silence. Benjamin’s latest album ‘Death In The West’ is a piece of art that transcends time and era. We suggest you check it out.

Herling – Dancing in the Sky

HERLING is a project of Yair Herling. His guitar playing is the key to his magic, as the sprinkles of shimmer, draw a palette of colors and worlds we all want to visit. Off of the upcoming new album, Yair’s vocals bounce off playfully, just like an echo in a mid-afternoon stream-side, with plenty of shine reflecting off of the rolling water down shore. The love coming off of the words, dance in delight, deflecting negativity and summoning the strength within. Get into HERLING.

The Finger Guns – $9.99 Quesadilla

It’s a fair group of questions, really. It’s all about practicality. This song is LITERALLY about quesadilla. Yum. The ol’ school punk aesthetics pour out of this fabulous band with enough gusto to put out any fire. The funny single named ‘$9.99 Quesadilla’ is about an overpriced food, that in reality should be lot cheaper. The band’s logic is that for cheaper ingredients, the pricing should reflect that. “The bottom line is that it is fricking ridiculous that a restaurant would charge that for something with two simple and cheap ingredients.” But underneath the ‘funny’, there’s seriousness. The message delivered is a metaphor for us all NOT to pay more than something that ridiculous. Fits many things in life doesn’t it? Anywho, THE FINGER GUNS just rock. LITERALLY.


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