Marsicans ‘Summery In Angus’ : Excitement. Smiles. Debut album ‘Ursa Major’ drops.

Marsicans / Photo: Sodium Films

Leeds finest, indie-quartet Marsicans – one of The Guardian’s 50 Best New Artists for 2020 – continue to reveal new material from their forthcoming debut album ‘Ursa Major’ at pace (August 14th).

“’Summery in Angus’ was written around the time when the UK started naming storms and Storm Angus was all the rage. I was indoors wearing an over-the-top summery shirt and shorts, whilst it was horrible outside. My girlfriend said, “Look at you, all summery in Angus!” and that phrase seemed to resonate with me, despite it really not making that much sense at first glance.”

“So, the song is about the two sides of yourself: the not-so-good side which, no matter what fun you’re having, just clouds the back of your mind, and then the side which fights the bad thoughts and tries to keep you positive when everything seems to be going wrong. It’s the inner fight between those two sides. It starts off referencing lines from a really old poem my Grandad used to tell me when I was younger. There seems to be various versions which go back a few hundred years, but the ‘nonsense poem’ always made me laugh, and I thought it summed up the opposing sides perfectly”.

Marsicans will be hitting the road in October with a run of UK album tour headline shows to support the release of ‘Ursa Major’, including dates in London, Glasgow, Manchester and hometown Leeds.

Marsicans is James Newbigging, Oliver Jameson, Rob Brander and Matthew ‘Cale’ McHale.


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