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Martin Van Ruin Shares ‘On The Level’. “Should The Party Have Any Food At All?”

What would happen if we went on a picnic with David Bowie? First thing we’d think of is what kind of car we should take.

Jeep? Nope.

Compact? Nope.

Jaguar? Nope.

Should it be a car at all?

The second thing we’d think about would be, what kind of food we’d take to a picnic with David Bowie would entail.

BBQ? Nope. Too much flossing.

Indian? Nope. Too much spice.

Total veg? Nope. Bowie would appreciate, but we’d probably need a bigger energy source.

Should the party have any food at all?

Chicago’s MARTIN VAN RUIN makes us think ridiculous things like ‘What David Bowie would want at a picnic’. And it’s a point of contention that we dig, to the hilt.

Why? It’s fun! When songs make you go out of your way from the ‘same old-same old’, that’s two thumbs up from us at CHF. If we had three thumbs, per person, we’d put those up.

But we don’t as a species, so we do with two thumbs.

It’s good enough, trust us.

The band consists of: Alex Winter, Brian Sharpe, Cathy Starr, Derek Nelson, Sarah Jane Goldstein, Pete Falknor, and Philip Vickers.

Oh and we think Bowie would dig riding the Honda Accord and eating Jambalaya at our fictional picnic – while sitting in the shade at the ‘globe’ in Flushing Meadows.




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