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Martina Linn // Heather Valley // Daughters of Noise! // El Lago // Johnny Blaze & Hakki Brakes

Martina Linn – When The Curtains Finally Part

‘When The Curtains Finally Part’ is the second precursor of Martina Linns third album which brings smooth pop, mixed with Americana-rockness. Born 1991 in the hills of the ,Bündnerland’ Martina grew up with earthy, traditional Swiss folk music and was already yodelling on big stages at the age of eleven. While in Lucerne, Martina met musicians Christian Winiker, Andi Schnellmann, and Vincent Glanzmann and in 2013 released her debut album ‚She Is Gone’ with them. In October 2015 her second album ,Pocket of Feelings’ was published (with Jwan Steiner on the drums and Mischa Maurer at the keys). Her upcoming album ‘Win What Yesterday Lost’ will drop November 22nd. See this scintillating artist next @ Chäslager Stans Kulturhaus, Stans Switzerland November 20th.

Heather Valley – Lovejoy

“Like every good story, this one starts with a broken heart. What sets it apart is that it also involves a con man, a demon, and an imposter who my place,” explains Heather Valley, a musician based in Hamilton, Ontario. “I put myself through school on loans. I had to sell everything I owned to pay them. I lost everything. In my search for meaning, I turned to my guitar and found that music was the only thing that brought me peace.” In the times prior, Heather Valley seemed to had lived ‘a lifetime’. Met the love of her life, made plans, was corrupted by his dexterity. “My strong attraction to the music of Jason Molina, Cat Power, Julie Doiron and Mount Erie influenced the Americana Indie feel of the record,” added Heather. “The songs reflect the twin beauty and heartbreak of the lonesome valley I have walked my entire life. They depict a landscape of big skies, barren ranges, con men and grifters, promises, regrets and illusions. They explore the question of what we can expect from other people and from ourselves.” And they reflect the contrasts and juxtapositions of what she has become as a walking tall human being. These are her stories, and even if they hurt, she’ll keep them, as they are what makes her the person she’d always dreamed. Hear more of the intriguing Heather Valley via her debut record ‘Desert Message’ (November 22).

Daughters of Noise! – 2023

Daughters of Noise! is a new indie dance project (ala Santigold meets Daft Punk) from Coco Morier and Arama. The duo said: “Daughters of Noise! started with our passion for music and creating exciting and left-of-center pop music. But because we are women who produce and write our own music it has become so much more. In the last 6 years where just 12.3% of songwriters of the 600 most popular songs were women, and just 1 in 49 music producers are female, we stand for female empowerment and changing the status quo.” Coco is an artist and songwriter who’s had releases with Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Galantis, Icona Pop and more. Arama is an artist and songwriter who has been featured on records with Major Lazer, TOKiMONSTA and TV on the Radio. Talented with fab notion for those hooks, ‘2023’ is just the start of what will be a fabulous 2020 for the duo. Crisp, alluring, and sassy, the song casts a wide net of effervescence and synth-pop goodness.

El Lago – Solo

“There is a recent story of a man who made it his life goal to cross the antarctic. No one had yet crossed the Antarctic alone on foot, he wanted to prove it was possible and be the first to do. Attempting to be the first person to cross Antarctica on foot, unassisted and unsupported, he crossed more than 900 miles (1450 km) and was forced, by exhaustion and ill health, to call for help 126 miles (200 km) from his journey’s intended end. He was picked up 30 miles from the finish line and flown to Chile, where he died in a hospital. Though few of the references to the original inspiration remain in this track, after hearing the frontwoman tell the story I thought it was important to include. Oh and the expedition was in 2016. The man was Briton Henry Worsley.” Made of Lauren Eddy, Jacob Villarreal, Charles Eddy, and Jaron Hall, El Lago is the death trap of thoughts – a black box of visions – never to be seen outside of it. The secrets that gains a foothold on this single is dark, morose, unrelenting, and fascinatingly galant. The story telling, within, while the Tori Amos like vocals of Lauren, makes us feel odd and alert and tingly. The ghosts of the past, depicted from the band is grating and presents such a kind sustainability. The Galveston, Texas based band earns every bit of your interest, unassumingly, until it’s too late. Then you’re hooked.

Johnny Blaze & Hakki Brakes – Landrover

The eccentric duo from Reykjavik, Iceland Johnny Blaze & Hakki Brakes (Jón Rafn Hjálmarsson, Hákon Bragason) explores life on the fast lane in new wavy beats and ’80s synthesizers. “One step, two step, three, there’s a place in this world for me.” Well, that just rhymed in this review. So it was added. And as random as that was, we kinda have the same initial complex about this duo band. ‘Landrover’ is a fabulous dig of synth and arrangement, at parts silken, and at others, procures at our inner being with weblike assault and belligerence. In quite the good faith though, the song delivers with unaccustomed style, and darkened by the indie azure. Jón and Hákon really knows how to tango and makes us feel fab. Their first album ‘Vroom Vroom Vroom’ was a hit. Now their 2nd album will drop in 2020.


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