Marton Harvest ‘Broken Machine’ : Will you get out of this malaise of self-proclaimed doubt?

Marton Harvest

This song was written in a state of absolute overload. Its the essence of your fucked up relationship – for personal growth and finding your place in the world. ‘Broken Machine’ is right there, where you’re in desperate need for the exit path.

Even though thats not what you are…you’re are not a machine! This song is meant to give hope and faith!

Marton Harvest is the project by Düsseldorf producer and songwriter Lennart Saathoff. Saathoff performs, writes and produces the music of Marton Harvest in his studio. On tour Marton Harvest consists of Paul Große-Schönepauck (Drums, Jonathan Kastl (Keys and Percussion), Julian Prießen (Guitar and Synthesizer) and Lennart Saathoff (Vocals and Synth).

Standing alone, in the corner of your small universe, your mind reels with consquences of movement. In contrast, you freeze – from the depths of inextricably riddled unknowns – and open your eyes to the helms of truths and injustices, you’d imagined your whole life.

Feels as if it’s bearing down on you. Indefensibly. Unfairly.

Will you get out of this malaise of self-proclaimed doubt?


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