Marvel Prone ‘Blue-Eyes, White Dragon’ : Girls and stuff. Growing up rock. For all of us.

Marvel Prone / Artwork: Liev Manck

‘Blue-Eyes, White Dragon’ is from Marvel Prone’s latest LP ‘She Hits Me’. And they rock. Simply that.

Explained Marvel Prone: “How can a song be about Yu-Gi-Oh! and rekindled romance at the same time? I don’t know! Take a listen, and you tell me! Inspired by ‘Runnin’ Down the Dream’ by Tom Petty and ‘School’ by Nirvana… there’s some metal flavors in there too, but I don’t claim to be a metal musician to any measure.”

Surf, garage, prog, indie-rock, and classic vibes about girls and stuff – that’s what Marvel Prone’s songs are, and they’re gloriously felt.

Originating in New Hampshire, the psych-rock outfit Marvel Prone formed in 2014. A year later, they placed top-ten in a high-school songwriting contest hosted by 92.5 FM ‘The River’ Boston radio station.

“The songs fall in the vein of great artists such as The White Stripes,” Marvel Prone further expanded, “The Strokes, with a touch of Tame Impala and Vampire Weekend. Rainor Vigneault, age 22, takes his influence from a lot of 2000’s rock and popular music. The drummer Edward McPherson, age 19, is in love with prog-rock and metal from bands like Yes and Deafheaven. This shows through his technical and experimental drum- style. The bassist Lukas Labrie, age 30, draws inspiration from artists like RHCP and LCD Soundsystem. On top of that, Lukas has taken part in countless indie projects across New Hampshire. All this has made the band’s eclectic style well- pronounced and irresistible. Together, the band creates music that is new and exciting, but appealing to fans of many popular rock-styles of the past.”

Marvel Prone performs high-voltage rock that hits home for a huge swath of lovers of music. The band’s work hits the spot. Momentum is with them. Talent keeps the flames burning white hot.

The album is out now.


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