Masaya Wada ‘Where’s the Love’ : Love and loss, regret and acceptance, understanding and reflection.

Masaya Wada

With the vibe of past decades’ r&b/soul, the beckoning stunner from Masaya Wada delivers with understated emotional status, as it wafts through the halls of your mind and heart. The sultry r&b connection is ripe with a story of love and loss, regret and acceptance, understanding and reflection.

Said Masaya: “When you’re in a relationship, sometimes you tend to look on the bad sides of it and wind up convincing you have to get out of it. But soon after you’re alone, you will realize even with all those flaws made the relationship beautiful and precious, and it’s all too late.”

The man behind the scenes of other artists, singer with the power of thought and relations come through in spades with ‘Where’s the Love’. An unencumbered exercise, the thickening fog of love’s complexities, resoundingly afford you a seat at the appropriate seat the table of new opportunities to become a better lover.

Look for more from Masaya.

Masaya Wada


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