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maskenfreiheit Shares Traversing Single ‘5am’. “Moody, beautiful, conflicting, uncontrollable..Gorgeous”

Ruben Elbrond-Palmer and Megg Rorison is this dynamic and interstellar indie synth-pop duo who make music like ‘5am’ that helps keep our faith in the world that we live in.

maskenfreiheit is the project’s name and is the musical partnership that is defining and re-defining the attributes of the duo’s salient irreverence for sound and what it dictates to souls, listening, honing, absorbing, constructing.

The blend of very deep and liquid lyrics, belted softly and mystically by Megg’s absolute vocals, gives the sheen in chilling electronic languages, supplied in ample incantations, all packaged by proxy of Universes here and beyond. The magical collaboration in the single ‘5am’ is a call to the derivative to stay away, and to decide effectively, the direction it will supplant. The mind reels a bit, as the pause of the Earth, grounds to a lightning vessel in after-tastes and unencumbered hunger.

The sonic journey becomes complete, from the first to the last drop of salty but understated reflections. Moody, beautiful, conflicting, uncontrollable – the lyrics want to scream out, as the Lion taming vocals subdue and manage.

Canterbury originations bound the two with similar childhood upbringings and parallel interests in expression through artistic and musical affirmations.

Out of the dark, shimmers of light blare out.

Gently. Forgivably.




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