Mass Datura ‘Sutra Swoon Sutra’ : Blooms with jagged jangles of the guitar work, combining with the tantric – yet haunting.

Mass Datura

New album ‘Wish Untitled’ will drop July 10th. And on that day, the skies will darken, so that it can give you the chance to sit at the comfy corner of your home, to embark on a listening binge and on an emotional writhing.

‘Sutra Swoon Sutra’ is a minimal song that bursts into bloom with jagged jangles of the guitar work, combining with the tantric – yet haunting – vocal assumptions. Layered violin, synths and a combination of hi and lo-fi vocals grapple for attention before resolving to a deep and earthy piano rise.

‘Wish Untitled’ is the follow-up to the band’s 2018’s debut album, ‘Sentimental Meltdown’. The newest was recorded straight to tape in a studio in the middle of nowhere in the French countryside, the album captures band leader Thomas Rowe’s songs with immediate energy and analogue warmth. The result is a personal, but willingly shared, journey through the emotional upheavals we’re all familiar with: fractured companionships, the perils of damaging dependency and the feeling of crumbling under the weight of a world that doesn’t care.

The band consists of talents: Thomas Rowe, Josh Hayward, Joseph Colkett, Christy Taylor, Leanne Roberts and Patrick Barleet. And in combination, they dwell in the psycho-therapeutic and embalms souls with mystical features of pertinent ambiguities and hierarchies of sight and sound.

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WISH UNTITLED – our second full length album is now available to pre-order! (Link in bio) limited pressing of 250 copies made. Our new LP features 12/13 tracks all written and performed by Mass Datura including one cover of a Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) song. In the winter of 2018, we set off to France to record our new songs with producer Nico Brusq, the final mixes were then mastered by our very own Joseph Colkett. Our hearts and souls were poured into the writing/making of this album and sadly a few dear friends were lost along the way. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey and contributed to the making of this album. The official release date is July 10 2020. We will be releasing one final single prior to the full launch of the Wish Untitled. WISH UNTITLED will be available to buy through Bandcamp, or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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