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Massage Shares ‘Oh Boy’. “I’ll Be Back Again.”

The sea breeze was too overwhelming for me. When I took a deep breath of that often foreign scent, my head always got light and dizzy. It was definitely because of the freshness of nature that was revealing to me, for sure. Living in the city, you don’t notice the denseness of the air, but when I’m here, at the beach, with the sun and rocks – my ‘life’ changes.

I don’t feel numb when I’m here.

I am numb, in a different way.

The beating sun, raises my consciousness in the frame of the force that is the Ocean.

Out there.

Out of my reach.

But so close and accessible.

I smile with the delight of a child, who I’d never been before.

My heart opens, like it’s never pumped the way it should.

The sea breeze was too overwhelming for me, that day.

I’ll be back again.

MASSAGE consists of Alex Naidus, Andrew Romano, David Rager, Gabi Ferrer, and Michael Felix. The gang brings that airy goodness we all need sometimes, and they bring it with gusto in this single ‘Oh Boy’.

Look out into the distant horizon. MASSAGE is waiting for you.

Their debut LP drops on July 27th.



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