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Matilda Eyre Shares And Distributes Sound Advice In Single ‘FYA’.

MATILDA EYRE is a different kind of pop songstress. Don’t let the press photos fool you. Dig Deeper. Listen to her lyrics. Listen to how she presents her notes. The consequences of what life throws at you, is reactive, and can never catch up. Catch up with Matilda.

Take down that vail of yours, it’s never been as attractive as you thought. I adore you as the lips, so plump, so delicious – every time it is unpredictable and unpredictably wild.

The chant.


Chant, chant.

Roll over to the side of you, on that bed, then sigh – and sigh a little more.

You need a rescue from the mundane.

Then get off that fabric cloud, and go for her heart.

Don’t dream.

If so, tragedy continues. Don’t let it continue.


Chant, chant, forgive, chant, chant.

You deserve to build yourself. It starts with your own internal self worth.

You’re worth it.

Matilda is a producer, musician, and singer who, at least in this single ‘FYA’ the un-fluttering artist (originally from Germany, settled in London) utilizes the dreamscapes of pop and synth to write her chapters for all to hear. The interweaving of the sermon-like haunt in this single, prepares your frontal lobes for the memories, we wanted to forget. But can’t.

So, to alleviate the symptom, we listen to Matilda, who isn’t a traditional pop-synth artist, but a deeper seeker of a ‘form of truth’ through her song in this sometimes, desolate, Universe.



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