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MATT CAMPBELL Shares ‘That’s The Way’. Thursday Night At The Dance Hall With Your Love? Heck Yea.

MATT CAMPBELL brings us this delightfully fabulous country diggity ‘That’s The Way’. With sun-shiny vocals guiding our innate will to take our dancing shoes out, we take our favorite gal for a night on the town. The Nashville based artist sings with gusto, and what we exactly want from such an expert.

“I came to Nashville to be heard,” says Matt. “If you have something to say, take it to the marketplace, take it to the town square.”

He digs in everyday, and in his latest album ‘The Man With Everything’ a “portrait of a songwriter striving to understand his place in the world” wallops you upside the head, with drama and chapter by chapter journal of experiences.

The offering was recorded and produced by Joseph Lekkas (Flour Sack Cape Records) and with the wordsmith that he is, Matt turns his protagonist from here and there, without sulk or foul – just describing the best efforts of an ordinary guy, trying to get up the mountain.

Matt has traveled and seen his share in his 41 years, from his rise to young adulthood in Colorado, picking up his first guitar in the US Coast Guard, and moving to New York City. He began writing and in 2005, he released his debut ‘The East 3rd Street Waltz’. After several releases in his next city of Chicago, he left to evolve for his next inspirations to the city they call Nashville – where he resided to this day.

Soon enough, being an officer at the American Legion Post 82, Matt helped in revitalizing the post as a hub of activity for musicians on the city’s East Side. He soon became know locally as ‘The Robert’s Troubadour’, playing soon the legendary country music outpost of Lower Broadway.

With the new album, he’s revved up his music recording engine again, and is ready to hit it stronger in the wilds of Nashville and beyond.

In ‘That’s The Way’ and his other brand new singles, we believe this is something of a milestone to remember for Matt.

Kudos, Matt. Kudos.

Let’s have some country fun.



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