Matt Costa Shares Video For Single ‘Sharon’. Great Story Telling Continues w/ Good Ol’ Grooves.

Like the shining star, from the heavens of the opaque sky, the rider from the west came to the east of the mind’s eye. The crevasse upon learning, never seemed too deep nor wide, but this day, it was impregnable, daunting, and surreal in its monstrous and glorious fortitude.

The journey we take, is a quiet and many times, a self realized and lonely existence. It’s the way we shield ourselves from the outside influences of white noise, and undue suggestions. We impart wisdom, through experience and those experiences break off in jagged edges, sharp corners reminding our thoughts in anger of sorts. Then we wake; then we open our eyes. We find ourselves in a vat of self love, lust, frustration, and anger. We become lost, for a moment. Then we try again, to molest our self pity, into submission of ex-guilt. Recognizing our faults, and loving the one we truly should have loved.

Matt Costa’s latest single offering is ‘Sharon’ and it’s a trip back to soft-rock-pop’s good ol’ story telling grooves. The single is off of his brand new album ‘Santa Rosa Fangs’, which drops May 18.

Costa’s writing traverses time and space, and the lyrics stick to your bones like a good hunk of short ribs. It’s delicious, it’s tantalizing, and it sure puts a smile on your face. Especially down that open road to whatever our futures might bring.


He’s rep’ed by Dangerbird Records.

Buy [HERE]


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