Matt Landi ‘Back to Earth’ : A singular mission. A singular expanse.

Matt Landi

While last month’s, ‘Picnic in the Woods’ was about reuniting with mates at a picnic, Matt Landi’s indie power ballad, ‘Back to Earth’, draws on the bigger picture.

Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s, ‘Interstellar’, the song conceptualizes the story of a heart-broken astronaut deep in space.

Sparse piano and vocals rocket to walls of synths and organs, yet a saxophone solo soars right at the top. Amplifying that even in the darkest of spaces – there is still life that we can get back to.

Sentimentality is where Matt’s vocals live and it’s a sumptuous world. A singular mission. A singular expanse.

The Sydney-based Artist is a Singer/Songwriter with an imaginative songwriting style. The home-grown producer wants his music to identify with listeners around the globe that are looking to create meaning in their own lives.

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AND WE DID IT!!! “Picnic in the Woods” has now surpassed 1000 plays on Spotify and 118 downloads – what a time to be alive!!! 🎉 • For those that don’t know, “1000 streams on spotify” is one of the very first achievements an upcoming artist can aim for with an original song. It’s the target that lets us know we’re doing the right thing and it’s a small win that must be celebrated. 🤟🏼 • When I started releasing music, I massively underestimated how hard it would be to crack the <1000 stream icon on Spotify. I had to grow to respect Spotify and those artists that have had songs achieve over 1000 plays – some of whom, I’ve been lucky to become friends with on this app – and who, to this day, inspire me to do more. Really, it’s just about patience and work. With 2 years and 6 songs it honestly did take some work – but the fact that a thousand people have heard “Picnic” is truly magical and so worth the work. 🧺 • I was blown away by the support from some people, namely @angelkittyhoward @unibookworm_17 @iamjbryans @starlight502 @jay_jammies to name a few – who kept sharing the song, helping it get out there more and more. And now 1000 people have heard it. If you are one of the thousand – then I owe you a Huge Thankyou!! For streaming, adding it to playlists – honestly couldn’tve of reached 1000 plays without any of you so Thankyou. 🧡🎷 • With more singles coming and the EP next month – I can’t wait to give more to you. Thanks for being along for the ride – let’s keep going 😁

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